9 Flower (Q♠)

Today's Overview:

The bouquet, or symbol of flowers, may be representative of something new blooming. Life may be about to change, and you may be getting a fresh start. It’s no coincidence that flowers are presented as gifts for funerals, and also brought too many first dates as a gift for the person wished to enter the new romantic relationship.

Flowers are an amazing symbol of rebirth, something is about to grow. Often time’s flowers are brought when meeting new people, such as the mother of someone you may have started a relationship with, a teacher, or new boss or administrative assistant.

Flowers are sent to the hospital for people who have undergone illness or surgery, as a sign that they will heal quickly and get well soon.

Flowers also have the ability to cheer people up. They may give life, in both a practical, and a spiritual way.

Flowers come from the ground, and they are given life as soon as the seed is planted. This is a very fragile life, and the flower risks being compromised by storms, rain, bees, birds, bugs, small animals like dogs and cats, or even humans. They can be stepped on, picked, or allowed to die by feeble gardeners. Just like life, flowers can be gorgeous in full bloom, but very fragile as well. Their beauty can be fleeting.

Flowers generally represent a variety of colours, or something that is very colourful and beautiful. They can refer to hair, makeup, beauty, a face-lift, or some kind of spa, hair salon, or beauty salon as well. Other meanings for flowers are gifts, either spiritual or physical, or the gift of grace.

The Number 9

The number 9 can be symbolic of the 9th month, year, day, or week. It also may refer to the letter I, the 9th letter. Paired with flowers, a 9 may refer to a date or time in the spring season, when flowers are known to bloom. It can indicate the 9th hour or 9th minute as well. As children, 9 is proven to be a magical number in schools and summer camps when we learn math. It is number that everyone bragged about learning multiplication tables on their fingers, or with a deck of cards, and 9 always comes through for the mathematical win. You can multiply 9 by any number, get a result, add that result number’s digits together, and the resulting answer is always a 9. It’s a favourite number of magicians and tv tricksters to guess what number you’re thinking. Do you know what your own personal magic numbers are? Interestingly, in society, we use the number 9 sometimes to refer to multiple chances at life— such as a cat’s “9 lives”.

Just like a cat gets another chance at life, so does a replanted flower, or re-soiled seed. It’s up to you to not waste your chance at another life, a recovery from an illness, a near-death experience, or a new love. Similarly, a “cat-o-9-tails” can be a sign of punishment, or atonement, and perhaps eventually a second chance. To be on “cloud 9” is also a very good thing in the American culture. 9 is considered a good number in Chinese culture because it sounds similar to the word for “long lasting.” In Greek culture, there are 9 Muses who are responsible for bringing all of the good things into the world, like art, dance, and poetry. You should take advantage of it as the flower takes advantage of the soil and the water we bring them in order to grow as tall and as beautiful as possible.

Today's Action Steps:

Today is your day to plant and seed your garden, and let that garden grow. Make sure that your fragility and vulnerability will not disable you from getting out there and being as beautiful as possible. Make sure that you relish your new beginning and take full advantage of this earth-given chance.


“I will bloom as beautifully and grow as tall and strong as I was supposed to do. I will point my head towards the sun and I will survive the elements to fulfil my purpose of making this world a more beautiful place. I will relish my newfound opportunities for change and to start anew.” Repeat this 2 to 3 times daily.

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