15 Bear(10♣)

Today's Overview:

The bear is often a sign of finances, either good or bad. Just as Wall Street has the bull and bear markets, so too speaks the bear card. It’s kind of ironic, because in the stock industry the bull is good and the bear is bad, but as there isn’t a bull card, the bear stands for finances in general. Specifically, the bear card is a sign that your finances will improve, your resources will pool. It may indicate an upcoming trip to a bank or an ATM, or a future raise.

You may win a small lottery prize or a larger sweepstakes. You might be in line to get a surprise bonus or financial windfall that is unexpected. Perhaps you will be named as the heir in an estate or trust. It may also be a reminder that financial troubles may lay ahead, so now is the time to be prudent and to get your financial resources saved up. It may be the time to invest in an annuity, fund, or stock. Now may be the perfect time and chance to make that leap into an investment that you were questioning.

The bear is extremely protective of her youth, and cubs, and there have been thousands of documented cases of people trying to play innocently with bear cubs and getting mauled to death by the mama bear. Just as the mother bear protects her young, you need to watch over your finances and assets, and make sure they continue to grow to their optimum size. The bear can also be referring to your wallet or purse, and the bear card signifies the colour brown. Watch your wallet or purse like a hawk. It may be time to get your finances more in order.

Make sure you have the bank accounts that are necessary and are working for you. Open a business banking account if you need to, or get another savings account or an online savings account. It may be time to protect your assets physically by investing in a safe or alarm system at home, so that a bear is protecting fiercely your assets. Another meaning of the bear card is that it may be a sign to check out your physicality, including your muscles, torso, and your stomach. The bear may indicate digestive problems or eating disorders as well.

The Number 15

15 is an important number in Judaism and Passover, Sukkot, and Tu Bishvat all begin on the 15th days of the respective months. In Hispanic cultures, 15 is the age where a girl celebrates her quinceañera. In some countries, 15 is the legal age of consent for marriage or sexual intercourse. There are 15 minutes in the quarter of each hour, ironic because quarter is also a financial term. 15 could indicate that a financial change will occur on the 15th minute, day, week, month, or even 15th year. The time could be 3:00 or even 3:15.

In numerology, the number one is a very ambitious and smart, energetic leader. The number five is Mercury, planet of business and finance. When you combine those two, you get a very ambitious and smart leader of business and finance. It’s easy to see how these qualities all pooled together make for very sound financial decisions and investments. 15 is the perfect number to be paired with the bear card.

Today's Action Steps:

Make sure that all of your finances are in order. If possible, use your lucky numbers not to accrue wealth, but to make sure that your wealth is working for you in the best way possible. Make smart investments and double check those investments. Now is a good time to feel brave and strong, like a bear, and perhaps invest more or again.


Look into the mirror and repeat this affirmation two or three times today: “I will be strong like a bear and grizzly when it comes to accruing and defending my finances. I will continue to make investments and be aggressive in my monetary strategies. I will protect my purse, wallet, assets, and finances like a mother bear protects her cubs in the wild. I won’t let anything stop me.”

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