24 Heart (J♥)

Today's Overview:

A beautiful red heart, nestled in a branch of blooming roses, rests under the picture of a dashing young man in the suit of hearts.

Ah, love – the thing almost all of us long for. The romantic love we find with another – perhaps we long for it because we were never given unconditional love as a child, or we long to know the experience of unconditional love. The Heart can represent both. It is often simply interpreted as romantic love, and certainly it can represent that. But it can also serve to represent generous, compassionate, unconditional love – surely the greatest gift one can receive, and all too rare.

The Heart can indicate love you wish to receive, and also urge you to show greater capacity for compassion and forgiveness.

In health, it may indicate that you should care for your heart; but it is generally a positive indication that the love of the universe is healing your ills. In career or finance it is also a positive indication that work is – or will soon be – enjoyable, fulfilling. It can indicate the presence, now or very soon, of an office romance. And of course, in romance in general, it indicates fulfilling love.

The Heart represents the attributes of generosity, gentleness, forgiveness, a loving nature. If that description sounds like someone you know, the Heart could be turning up to remind you to appreciate such a person – the gifts they bring are rare.

What does the Heart mean for you? This card never portends anything ill. It may indicate a need to have more love in your life; but most often, it serves as a reminder to give love, in order to be blessed by love. It carries the energy of love bettering the world – to give it is as fulfilling (or almost) as to receive it. How can you show the world, and those in your life, some love today? How can you make time to spend time with those you love? Look to your personality number, if you are looking for ways to bring more love into your life today.

Further understanding comes by looking at the number of this card – 6 (2 + 4 = 6). In Numerology, the 6 is the giving, unconditional love the loving mother gives her child. Such love is healing, to the individual, and to the world. It is no small thing.

The 6 is the most harmonious of the Numerology numbers. It softens and gentles the energy of any situation, or any other number, when it appears. While it can go too far in focusing on others (and sometimes demanding others follow advice given), with the Heart, the 6 is at its most positive, its most loving and healing. You will likely never see a 6 angry or confrontational, unless it is when someone weak and in need is being bullied – the 6 is always pulling for the weak, the innocent, the underdog.

Let the selflessness of the Heart inspire you, whatever your particular personality, whatever your particular needs in the realm of love, to bring more love to the world today – and receive the gift of love in return.

Today's Action Steps:

The 9 asks us to step outside ourselves, and give a thought to others. Who in your life shows you the meaning of love? Appreciate them today, with a small gift, by a kind word that acknowledges them, or by spending time with them. If you know about Love Languages, you may know that the kind of love we need (acts of service, quality time together, touch) is generally the kind of love we offer. Today – ask how the person you love would like to be loved? And find ways to love them in that way.

And be loving to yourself as well. Quick – what comes to your mind, first thing, when I ask you, What do you most regret doing? Today, forgive yourself for that – if not entirely, then just a little. The loving energies of the Heart and the 6 support you in releasing that sorrow, and making room for something else that brings you joy.

What passions are you called to pursue? How can you take a first step toward pursuing them today?

Spend some time today considering the nature of unconditional love. Such a simple thing – why is it so rare? How can you bring, and give, more unconditional love in your life?

Most of all, find time to be with those you love and who love you. That’s a lovely way to honour the energies of the Heart.

Summary For Today:

It’s all about love, and though the impact love has is never simple, love itself is. Your job today is to recognize love when you see it, give thanks for it, return it.


Love is the law – the only law that matters.

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