Today in Love Tarot Two of Cups - Sharing is Caring

The Two of Cups will have you sharing and caring in no time:

This is one of the BEST relationship cards you could ever ask for. The Two of Cups is all about sharing the love. But to make the most of this card you have to decide something and the sooner you make your choice the better. What’s that thing you have to decide about? Well you have too decide if you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with someone.

The Two of Cups is all about making sure that you and your partner are sharing the same ideals and ideas about the future. If you’re in a casual relationship you might want to make sure that the other person isn’t getting the wrong idea right now. They might think you’re in it for the long run - or maybe it’s you who’s starting to develop deeper feelings. If the feelings are mutual there’s no reason to back out now. But if they aren’t you’re going to want to make sure the two of you are on the same page.

If you’re single you’ll possibly be pleasantly surprised by an admirer in the not too distant future - but again, make sure that the to of you are on the same page before you jump into a relationship.

A Good Fit

If you look closely you’ll see that the two figures on the card are both frowning. And while this card is often said to show the promise of a new relationship - or added oomph to an old relationship - you need to make sure that you and the particular person n your life are a good fit. If the two of you aren’t good at sharing a life, this relationship can turn out to be a lot more trouble than it’s worth?

There’s a reason the medical snakes are between the two people on the card. The cups they’re drinking from can either be filled with medicine or poison. So, proceed with caution, even if you feel like nothing can go wrong. Even if the relationship you’re in or about to be in is there to help you heal - it can still be a rough ride to health. The Universe is offering you a choice right now - as it always does with a two card.

You can choose to drink from the cup that has been handed to you, or you can decide to give it back. If you choose to drink from the cup you might have to swallow some bitter truths before you get that relationship you’re hoping for. This renewed relationship energy iin your life is probably exactly what you need right now, but there are some things to consider before you gulp down everything your love life is offering you.

To Be or Not to Be

You probably already know whether things are going to work out well or not. Our intiution is hardly ever wrong. When we start a relationship we usually get an instant idea of how things are going to turn out. But ten as time passes our minds start to cloud our innitial judgement. Right now you need to take a good look at what your intuition keeps telling you about the relationship that’s on your mind. Deep down you know whether it’s going to work out or not. You now whether the two of you belong together or not. But circumstances and your own insecurities might be getting in the way of your intuition

You know how red flags can look like a carnival sometimes, or how a carnival can look like red flags - now’s the time to really have a good look at what the relationship that’s on your mind is. Is it a bunch of red flags that you’re ignoring? Or are you turning a carnival into a bunch of red flags? Your scars from the past can make it very difficult to tell the difference. But there’s always one thing to fall back on.

The person you’re meant to spend your life with isn’t the person that gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat fast. That’s the person that’s going to teach you another lesson. Instead, the person you’re meant to be with is the person that makes you feel calm and relaxed. They feel like home. Their touch melts your worries away. Their words touch you deeply. Their gaze sees beyond the mask you show to the world.

So, to make sure you’re drinking from the right relationship cup, ask yourself this - do they make you feel excited and spontaneous? Or do they make you feel grounded and ready to persue your goals? If you can answer that you’ll be able to tell what relationship you’re in for right now.