Today in Love Tarot Ten of Wands - You’ve put in the Work

The Ten of Wands is here to let you know that you have put in all the work you needed to:

Ten cards, like the Ten of Wands, always allows us an opportunity to take the next step in our lives. You’ve completed an energgy cycle and you’re ready to start a new project in your life. Wands are all about attracting and creating things. So, what today’s tarot is trying to tell you is that you’ve done the hard work. You’ve carried your heart and yourself through some really tough times. And now it’s time to enjoy the rewards

The card itself shows a man carrying a bunch of staves. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep oon carrying that heavy load. Instead what it means is that your heart might still be feeling heavy because you aren’t letting go of the burdens of your past. Sure, you’ve gone through some pretty tough times. But you’ve learned your lessons - and now it’s time to let go of all that negativity.

Those staves or wands the guy is carrying are all sprouting. They all have the potential to turn into a beautiful tree. But to do that they need to be planted first. And that’s exactly what you should be doing now. Instead of holding onto the burdens that make your heart heavy, try planting them with love. You’ve brought the troubles of your past this far, but now it’s time to plant a beautiful garden instead of holding onto that karma.

A Garden of Love

If you were plating a garden of love, what would you use those heavy sticks for? Whould you plant them on the edge of your garden to create shelter from the wind? Maybe you’d plant them throughout your garden to give you shade? Or would you plant them in rows for other plants to grow up?

Your answer to those questions reveal what it is you really need in your life right now!

If you decided that you need to plant them on the edge of the garden to create a wind barrier the chances are that you’re lacking propper boundaries. When you don’t have proper boundaries in a relationship you’re bound to get blown over by your partner. Sure, being there for your partner is a big part of being in a relatioship - but taking responsibility for your partner definitely isn’t! So make sure you set proper boundaries in place now.

If getting some shade from the load you’ve been carrying is your biggest dream, maybe it’s time to have a look at how much you stand out in your relationships. From over here it loks like you love being the center of attention - and maybe that’s why you feel like you need to cool off a little… Make sure you let your partner’s wants and needs shine as much as your own. You shouldn’t be outshining them, the two of you should be shining brightly together!

And finally, if you’ve decided to plant those poles to make a space for other plant to grow up against you’re probably spending a lot of time worrying about how toher people are doing instead of focusing on the things that your relationship really needs. Helping others can become a crutch if you aren’t careful. Those other people might even be your own kids! But the truth is, you need to support your own relationship as much as your relationship supports you - so make sure things are fair!

What’s Next?

Well that’s entirely up to you. You need to unburden your own heart and decide where you can improve for yourself. You might feel like you need to do more than one of the things suggested above - or maybe you feel like you need t do something entirely different to unload.

The point isn’t to follow this advice blindly - the point is to figure out why your heart is still feeling so heavy and then figuring out a way to put down the load. Because that’s the only thing that’s holding you back from reaching your full relationship potential right now. The sooner you can put down whatever you’re still clinging onto and start to focus n plantng a garden, the soner the manifestation energies of the Ten of Wands will start to have an effect on your life.

You’re on the brink of a real breakthrough right now. So, unburden yourself and let the wands that you’ve been carrying start to grow roots in your love garden. Plant the magic poles and see how they grow and flourish. And while you’re at it you might as well plant some flowers and other plants too. Now is a time to start growing your love life. You’ve worked hard enough. You’ve carreid your past with you far enough. Give yourself a break and settle down for a while. See how things grow and mature. Stop looking and start creating - because you’ve arrived at the place you’ve always wanted to be. It’s up to you to make it beautiful now.