Today in Love Tarot Four of Pentacles - Learn to Let Go

The Four of Pentacles is here to let you know that if you want the future of your dreams you’re going to need to learn to let go a little:

In the card you’ll see the figure - a king - clinging onto a coin. He thinks he’s protecting his abundance by clinging onto it, but in reality what he’s doing is stopping his abndance from flourishing. And that’s exactly what you’re doing in your relationship right now. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, there are a few things you need to let go of if you want to be happy and fulfilled in the long run.

Four is the number of foundations and building the future. What the Four of Pentacles is saying is that you’re so caught up in trying to make things perfect in your love life that you’re missing out on the true joy of relationships. You need to let up on what you think relationships should be and allow your relationship to grow and flourish in their own way. If you keep clinging onto your idea of what your relationship and love life are supposed to look like you’re going to end up smothering the person you’re with.

Relationships are a lot like plants. You need to make sure there’s space for the roots to grow. That there’s enough water to nourish the plant, but not too much so the plant drowns, and that the plant gets the right amount of sunlight during the day. But if you fuss with the plant too much, you’re going to end up killing it - even if you only had good intentions for it.

The same counts for relationships. They need room to grow. They need nourishment and warmth. But they also need you to back off and not fuss about making it perfect all the time. Sure, if there is a major problem you might need to do some work, but for the most part relationships flourish when they’re just left to grow naturally.

Learning to Loosen your Grip

If you like feeling in control it might be difficult for you to let go of controlling your relationship and your partner. But look at it this way - Do you really want to force your relationship? Do you want to squash it into a box and wrap it up all pretty? Or do you want it to grow bigger and more beautiful than you ever imagined?

When we try to micro-manage our relationships what we’re actually doing is stuffing them into a musty old shoe box and then covering that with pretty wrapping paper. But if you stuff a plant into a shoe box, what do you think is going to happen? It’s going to whither and die. That’s why it’s so important to let go of the need to be in control all the time - becasue what you’re really doing is smothering your own happiness.

The more you try to fit some imaginary mold of what a relationship should be like, the less room you leave for the relationship to grow and bloom by itself. You might think that relationships need to be a certain way to be “good”. But that’s not true.

Imperfect Beauty

When you look at plants you’ll soon notice that none of them are perfect. They’re all flawed in one way or another. But even though they’re nt perfect, they’re still beautiful. They still grow in their own unique way - and still bloom when the season is right.

Your relationship is exactly like that. It might not look “perfect” from the outside. It might feel awkward and weird from the inside. But if you allow it to grow and flourish you’ll soon find that it grows and expands into something beautiful. You don’t have to force it to look and feel beautiful. All you need to do is give it room to grow, and water and sunlight to flourish. Of course you can prune it if you see it growing in a bad direction, but try to remember that if you cut off too much the plant is going to die.

In other words, the Four of Pentacles wants you to allow your relationship to grow as naturally as possible - that’s the bet way to get the relationship you really want. You might think you need to control every aspect of it, but you don’t. All you need to do at this point is to feed the relationship and give it room to take root and bloom into something amazing. Let go of your idea of what a perfect relationship is supposed to be like and become more comfrtable with the way your relationship is expanding. It will grow and take shape at its own pace. And the more you nourish the good parts, the stronger it will grow.