20 Garden (8♠)

Today's Overview:

Beneath the 8 of spades, a fountain flows in a beautiful garden setting, its bowl held on the shoulders of a cherub.

Imagine – a large garden party, in a more genteel and traditional time. Everyone is wearing their best. As you arrive, you are met by smiles and greetings – all seem glad to see you, but you can’t help feeling there are undercurrents you don’t quite understand. The day is beautiful, and you are asked to speak, or sing a song, or perform for this audience in some way. You are thrilled to have been asked; and you are also uneasy, knowing that if you succeed you’ll benefit a great deal, but if you fail to please, your fortunes could take a turn for the worse.

The Garden represents a gathering that is public, attended by a number of people. This card portends an event that will get much notice; and those who attend it, and perform or speak at it, will also get much notice.

What formal or well-attended event is in your future? Are you appearing in a play or are you a musician appearing with other musicians? Are you or your son or daughter getting married in a formal wedding? Are you the keynote speaker at a convention? Ask yourself: what is coming up, at which I and what I say and do will be very visible? The Garden asks you to put it all on the line – be visible, be at your best, and, if things go well, reap the benefits of a successful public appearance.

This card also speaks to the complexity and challenges such an event presents, and warns you to plan well, and pay attention to details in the planning.

What does this card mean to you? In career and finance, it suggests an event that could make or break you, depending on how well things go. In health, it suggests there has been much going on, and you are due for a rest – once the event is over, if not before. In romance, the Garden indicates an opportunity to impress, if your romantic interest cares about others’ opinions of you.

This card sometimes carries a suggestion of impropriety – in romance, it could indicate you or your romantic interest is tempted to misbehave at a social event. It could also indicate that you meet someone at such an event, who suggests the two of you engage in improper behavior.

All in all, there’s a heavy tone of great risk /great reward / great failure to this card, with no indication of how the event will go for you. It will be a great opportunity that, if it goes well, will result in a definite change in fortune for you. Only you can decide if the potential reward is worth the risk.

Certainly, further exploration of the possible outcome of the day is recommended. Look for more insight by examining your own expression number, and by looking further into the Numerological meaning of this card.

The Garden is under the energy of the 2 (2 + 0 = 2). Two is the most feminine of numbers. Its shape suggests a graceful woman, with her head bowed. The 2 is gentle, forgiving, demure, and tactful. And it has a surprising underlying strength that many don’t see or expect. This number appears docile, but wields power and control from behind the scenes, formidable. The 2, associated with the Garden, suggests that there will be more to this event than meets the eye, and you should be cautious and look beyond the surface at the event itself, and those who attend.

Today's Action Steps:

So – should you take the risk? There is much to be gained, but …

Look at it this way. You are armed with the insight that the Garden card, your expression number, and the 2 have given you. It’s likely you understand the rewards and dangers of this event better than almost anyone else in attendance – and knowledge is power. While nothing can make this card risk-free, the information you have gives you a definite advantage. And then, there’s also the understanding that, if you don’t risk and engage in this opportunity, you will never know what might have happened.

Follow your instinct in all things today – should you attend or not? Should you be visible or not? And what are the true intentions of others who attend? You likely won’t know for certain – you’ll be forced to rely on the shadowy guidance of your intuition, to know what best to do. Trust it. On this day, it is your best ally.

Summary For Today:

Opportunity – or utter failure – is knocking at the door. The audience at the Garden party awaits. What does your instinct tell you to do?


I trust in myself, and in the love the universe holds for me.

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