1 Rider (9♥)

Today's Overview:

A mustached man is riding a spirited horse down a country lane, with great purpose. He is focused, and has a message to deliver. What will he have to say to you? And what will change as a result?

This is the Rider. A key to what it brings is that it is the first card in the deck. It is the beginning. The cards have messages for you – some will affirm what you already know, or believe you know. Some will bring new information that changes things in your life. Either way, new information is coming that will give you a new perspective.

This card represents communication, news – change. If your life has been at a standstill, this card indicates things are going to be moving again, and moving rather quickly. In romance, if you have been yearning for a companion – one is on the way. If you’ve been watching news regarding your career, heads up! That news will soon be forthcoming. And this card can indicate you’ll receive news about your health – and also gently suggests that you move more, and in particular, exercise your feet and legs.

When this card appears, it means things are moving in your life. It’s also a call to you to take action. There’s often a subtle hint in this card that things need to be moving, and you are a bit behind in getting up from the sofa. Take a breath! Show some confidence and some energy, get up and get things moving!

What does the Rider mean for you? You might think of this card in this way: one morning, after a long winter, you wake up and realize – spring is in the air! In your garden, the plants and trees are budding out, and – gosh, you never got around to fertilizing last year. And now, suddenly, it's the growing season. The earth is waking up, and you still feel half asleep. Jump start your life, and catch up to the life force all around you! Are you inactive? Get active! Are you moving, but moving in the wrong direction? Change course!

Further insight comes by looking at the Numerological significance of this card – 1. The number one is upright, grounded and confident – what you see is what you get. Nothing being hidden here. It’s a number of actions – so much so that, once it starts moving in a direction, it doesn’t change course, even when a change in course would be advisable.

This card, and the associated Number 1, also suggest great skill – there’s good reason to be confident. You have at hand everything you need to set things in motion, and move forward in a way that brings good things. Just stay engaged, and stay moving, but change course when necessary.

This card often indicates a new person coming into your life, and the Number 1 can help you recognize that person – a leader, ambitious, goal-oriented, and unconventional. If that person happens to also inspire your interest in a romantic way, a good approach might be to enjoy the ride – it may be brief. In romance, the Rider is too soon astride the horse again, and moving on.

Will the news, or new person, coming into your life be a blessing, or a challenge? Better think fast – when this card appears, change is imminent. If you’re unsure, you might look at what your lucky number indicates this card will bring. Then take that information and make a plan to deal with the shifts – and speed – of the changes coming into your life.

Today's Action Steps:

If you can, take a deep breath and plunge in. This card is one of action, and if you can match that energy, you can tap into the energy of new things beginning, the tides shifting, and opportunity appearing, sometimes when you least expected it. Look to your lucky number for help in deciding which direction you should move in. If you can’t quite catch up to the pace of this card, best to prepare for change that will be overtaking you. It’s likely to be a positive change – it’s just the pace and the suddenness of it that may be hard to handle. You might go with the adage to “act as if” – if the change is something you are not at all prepared for, fake it. Act as if you expected it all along and are confident and capable. You’ll find that, in a short time, you’ll be just that.

Summary For Today:

Be on the lookout for change! News is coming, possibly brought by someone new in your life. This card indicates you should commit and engage – unless it’s a romantic interest, in which case you might hold back a bit until you see if the other party is as ready to commit as you are. You might commit to action and experience, but maybe not fully commit to another person just yet.


I relish the opportunities change brings into my life

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