3 Ship (10♠)

Today's Overview:

TThis card depicts a Ship with bright sails that has sailed into rough waters, under the 10 of spades.

The ship represents a mid-point. Either something has begun, but it is not yet completed; or it is time to let go of what has not been achieved, and move on. Sometimes realizing what you hoped was done is not yet done, or realizing you need to release something for good, is difficult, but quite the opposite with the Ship. With the Ship, it’s likely you have been itching to make a change. The Ship indicates the time for that change has come.

This is a card of change, but not change that comes upon us unexpectedly; instead, it is change we recognize and want. Today, you are likely to have a watershed moment in which you realize that a new approach is called for, one that’s as exciting as a new adventure to a new land. This card is an opportunity to recognize and accept that your heart is calling you strongly to set out on another journey. It may be that the change the Ship is calling for is one you’ve been drawn to for a long time, but were unwilling to accept because it meant being true to yourself, but disappointing others.

By its nature, this is also a card of being non-committal, or of a broken commitment. Whatever is calling you to commit is not, you realize, the right thing for you. And if you have made commitments, this card invites you to consider that breaking commitments may be something of a betrayal, but sometimes a necessary one. In a lighthearted sense, this card might suggest that Elvis has left the building … what was, is no more. You have already begun sailing away, whether others realize it or not.

So you will be called to make a choice that’s right for you. If you make that choice, others may see it as hurtful or dishonest. Have courage. This card asks you to trust your heart, and to remember that in any relationship, if you aren’t honoring your true self, you don’t have anything of value to bring to the relationship.

Further insight comes by looking into the number of this card – the Number 3. In Numerology, the 3 is a free spirit – just the kind to impulsively pack a trunk and set sail, leaving no more than a goodbye note. Three often believes the grass is greener on the other shore, and often it is right. The 3 urges you to follow your dream. It also suggests you be practical about finances when you do, as it’s easy for the 3 to get carried away with possibilities and neglect the realities of the present moment.

Three also suggests: it’s time for a change. It’s an invitation to get back in touch with your true self, and let self-expression be your guide. Whatever change you make, make it thoughtfully and carefully, and commit to it fully. Otherwise, you might find yourself seeking another ship, as soon as you reach the next shore, and then another and another – this card urges you to seek fulfillment, not flit from one adventure to the next.

In terms of challenges, the Ship may signify financial loss and trouble with speculative ventures. When it appears, if you don’t feel a call to change, consider it might instead represent a warning to be careful with finances.

Today's Action Steps:

Quick, I’m going to ask you something, and answer with the first thing that pops into your head: What have you committed to that your heart is asking you to let go of? If you let your first thought answer, now you know the Ship is asking you to set sail and leave it behind. Do so kindly – in Numerology, the 3 can be rather self-focused and express itself with a bit of a sharp tongue. But likewise, don’t waffle. You are meant to leave something behind. Leave it.

Today, watch for inspiration from a free spirit, a traveler who is skilled at moving on. This card may indicate a long-distance love interest, or traveling to be with someone you are drawn to. In health, this card is an urging to look to alternative healing. In your career, it indicates good news of a positive change at your current career – or it suggests you consider the advantages of leaving your current job for something new.

Summary For Today:

Image for the day: Remember the Ship, sailing. Listen for change, for news of change or ideas about possible change, and if your heart leaps a bit, follow. Being true to yourself and your self-expression is all. There’s a fresh sea wind blowing, and you’ve been in becalmed waters for too long. Step on deck, pull up anchor, set sail, and let those ocean breezes clear your head, and show you what’s possible.


I am open to the changes my heart calls me to.

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