6 Clouds (K♣)

Today's Overview:

The King of Clubs, wielding a royal scepter, sits above a scene of dark, ominous storm clouds forming. Something is coming – better take cover …

The Clouds’ meaning involves something that you need to know that you don’t know, something you need to see that you cannot see. The issue is clouded. As such, this card does not give an indication of what is wrong, what form the danger takes. It only tells you that there’s something you need to know, that you don’t.

There is a likelihood of doubt, deception and misunderstanding, when the Clouds card appears.

Imagine you are out on a walk across a wide meadow. The day was beautiful when you set out; but once you’ve gone a long way, you feel the air change, and realize clouds have been building behind you, behind a mountain that obscures how dark and ominous they are. Very quickly, a fog comes down, and rain begins. You need to find shelter, but you cannot see, and you vaguely remember you had been nearing the edge of a precipice, before you lost your ability to see where you were going. Speed is necessary; caution is indicated; and you don’t know what to do. As a result, you are immobilized by a lack of confidence, at a time when you very much need to be moving.

That is the feeling the Clouds leaves you with – that there’s a lot at stake, and you don’t know enough to make good choices.

What does the appearance of this card mean for you today? Basically, it means you are in danger of losing something you value, and you don’t have enough information or insight to proceed. This card indicates that something is going on with your career or your finances. Your best bet is to call up your broker, check in with your boss, and hope you can trust both. In health, there is stress today, and you may find yourself taking up old habits you thought you’d conquered, such as smoking, or nail biting (or worse).

This is not a good day for romance. You can’t help imagining your significant other is behaving badly behind your back; and your significant other may be having the same doubts about you. Remember, you aren’t the only one under the sway of this card today …

You may encounter someone unsavory today – an addict, someone not mentally stable, or someone who has had too much to drink. Ironically, this person may give you insight into the day, as he or she will be very in tune with the energy of the Clouds.

You could definitely use some luck right now. Best to seek more information through your lucky number Hopefully, that information will clear some of the fog away, enough for you to move forward – in the right direction.

Additional insight comes from Numerology, and the Cloud’s associated number, 6. The 6 is generally a harmonious number, but it sometimes pays too much attention and gives too much energy to others’ concerns, rather than seeing to its own. The 6 suggests you could let your feelings for others, and your need to protect them, cloud your vision right now. It also suggests those you are looking out for may not be worthy of your effort. The 6 energy is somewhat gullible, easily duped. Above all today, remember: look beyond the obvious. If the fog thins and you see the path at your feet, don’t step out confidently; the precipice could be waiting with your next step.

Today's Action Steps:

Call on your luck; bring in positive insight and guidance through consideration of your lucky number, to give you a positive direction in which to go. Take a breath and focus; it’s hard, with the Clouds limiting your sight. So call on other senses. Check in with your body – what does it have to tell you about how to proceed? In what direction does your intuition urge you to go? Listen to something being said, just beyond your hearing … it may give you information that helps you decide what to do.

Guard against the temptation to dull your fears with alcohol, overeating, or medications. You’re going to need your wits about you.

And consider that the Clouds may indicate the issue is a secret you’ve been keeping on yourself. Buck up and face the music. There’s a lot at stake, and you can’t afford to look away from issues that need to be seen, named, and dealt with.

Summary For Today:

The Clouds are hiding something, and you are at risk of losing something you value – your reputation, love, or a much longed-for opportunity. Look beneath the surface, and rather than be guided by what you think you see, let your intuition guide you.


I see beyond the veil of mystery, into the heart of truth.

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