31 Sun (A♦)

Today's Overview:

A sun blazes as it rises or sets over a valley, filling the sky with its light. Above it is the Ace of Diamonds.

No card indicates a more positive influence than the Sun. Drawing it indicates this day will be easy, at the very least; at its best, the day will be auspicious.

To know the Sun and its meaning, just let yourself imagine stepping outside on a sunny day. The birds are singing, the sun feels warm on your skin. The plants are all turning their leaves to bask in its life-giving rays. The Sun above is wonderful – and most miraculous of all, it rises and sets each and every day! Even when it’s hidden behind a bank of clouds, the Sun’s light and warmth seem affectionate, nurturing.

That’s the energy the Sun card carries. Generous, giving, joyful, warm. All life depends on it, and can depend on it to be there, right on schedule.

Its appearance in this reading today is a charge to be happy. It’s also an invitation to shine – to fill the room, like the Sun fills the sky, to not “hide your light behind a bushel,” but to let it shine out. The Sun is visible, and very willing to be seen. Today, you should be, too.

The daily cards appear to tell us certain influences will be particularly noticeable today. The Sun’s appearance as today’s card is asking you to notice: Who or what shines in your life? And brings warmth and ease? Who is dependable? With which people in your life do you always feel like what you see is what you get – there are no shadows, there’s no hiding? Who or what brings you joy, and brightens your day? These are the people and things the Sun is inviting you to notice in your life today, and be grateful for in your life today. You are lucky to have them! To look more deeply into what form your good fortune will take today, find out how your luck is nurtured through further exploration of your lucky number, and how it relates to this card.

Another source of insight into the energies today is through the Numerology of this card, which is the Number 4 (3 + 1 4). The four is the most stable of the numbers. It is predictable, reliable and dependable – so much so that we can tend to take those qualities for granted. The 4 lets us look into the meaning of the Sun. We expect the Sun will rise every day – and it never disappoints us. That makes it easy to forget what a miracle that daily rising is.

The 4 does not like artifice – it wants things to seem just as they are. Just imagine what life would be like if the Sun had an agenda, or an evil intent? No problem, though. We know just what to expect from it.

What does the appearance of the Sun as today’s card mean for you? In career and finance, you will shine today. There is a small chance that an unnoticed detail that’s been hiding in the shadows will be revealed, and decisions will need to be made on how to handle the situation. In health, healing light will shine on any issues you have.

In love, you will shine for those you love today, and they will shine for you. Make the most of the Sun’s support for this mutual admiration in your relationships! Days like this one let you remember good times, when your relationship is beset with challenges.

Do watch for a tendency to expend energy today, and to not realize you have used up all your resources until you suddenly realize you are exhausted.

Today's Action Steps:

Here’s a thought: capture all this day is with a sunset celebration, with friends you love and who love you. Just something impromptu that lets you be with people you care for. You could perhaps schedule karaoke so guests have a chance to shine without too much risk. Schedule a special moment, at sunset, to appreciate the beautiful colors together, and invite guests to make toasts celebrating each other. Now that’s true Sun energy, used well.

If such a gathering doesn’t fit into your schedule, perhaps something smaller, with a special person who brings warmth and joy into your life.

The 4 energy of the day means good news could come to you from someone whose work is very structured, such as a banker or lawyer. Your lucky number will give you information on the potential topic this news will fall under. Whoever is offering the advice, the Sun’s influence on the day indicates you should take their advice and follow up on it.

Summary For Today:

This will be a day of warmth and ease, and all things will shine. Enjoy being with others, because you will be at your best, and they will, too.


I am loveable, and I share the love I’m given.

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