5 Tree (7♥)

Today's Overview:

The tree is one of the most powerful symbols in our everyday lives. We see trees everywhere. It’s a yoga pose, a symbol of life, we even chart our families with trees and their branches. Trees represent earth’s circle of life. Without the soil and water from our Earth, they would surely die. Without them, animals and beings wouldn’t have air to breathe. The tree is one of the most important life giving plants in almost every culture. A tree is strong, grows tall, and is rooted into the ground. Trees are also symbolic of ritual, forest, spells, and different types of magic or magic.

A card with an image of a tree indicates that you are beginning to spread your branches. It may symbolize a baby that is about to come and that your family is beginning to grow. It may even symbolize multiple babies, children, or twins. A tree may also indicate that you will begin to branch out in your career and in the professional sense. You may be about to step out of your comfort zone and begin accepting new challenges. Additionally, a tree could mean that you need to take a look at the life you’ve built and make sure the roots are sturdy. Do you have a water source that is not the clearest? Have you been true to your faith and yourself? Is your root system strong? Do you have a friend that is untrue?

Tyler Perry is a famous actor and comedian based in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up, he was raised predominately by southern African-American women, and that’s who many of his characters are based upon. His most famous character, Madea, who is played by himself dressed in women’s clothing, is a combination of everyone’s mother and grandmother. Madea says that friends and relationships are like trees. Some friends, Madea says, are like leaves. They drink our water and hang out on our branches, but they’re gone with the wind. We have thousands of those types of leaves. Some friends are like branches, they’re there for the majority of the time but when things get rough and the storms come, they’re breaking off. We have a couple dozen of those.But our true friends, our brothers and sisters, are our roots. They come few and far between, and they’ll never leave us no matter what happens until our dying day.

The Number 5

Five is the number of days in a standard work week. It’s the number of fingers on hands and feet. Without even one toe, we have trouble walking. Without even one finger, we have trouble using our hands. Our roots are important and our feet are the foundation upon which our body stands and grows tall. Protect them. Five may indicate 5:00, the month of May, Friday, or the letter E.

In Chinese culture, the number 5 represents the elements: water, fire, metal, earth, and wood. What a perfect number to correlate with the tree, which makes fire, drinks water, is as strong as metal, and is literally wood that comes from the earth.

Today's Action Steps:

Continue to build your roots and ensure that they are stable enough. Make sure you’re surrounded by the good friends, the root friends, and that you know the difference between the people who are most important to you and those that aren’t. Make sure you treat them accordingly. Try yoga, and watch your posture to make sure that you’re growing straight and tall as you were meant to be. Also, make sure your base is as stable as it can be.

Your finances need to be in order, your house organized, your mission statement, values, beliefs, and roots need to be clearly expressed. You will not be able to branch out unless your trunk is as tall and strong as it needs to be. Think about all of the things the number 5 can represent, and use those to plan the next big way you plan to branch out. Growth comes not through luck, but only through planting a seed.


“I will plant the seeds and take care of my soil’s health to make sure that my roots and trunk are strong. I will make sure I have the right people in my life, and I will continue to grow upward and outward within this spiritual circle of life.” Repeat this 2 to 3 times daily.

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