2 Clover (6♦)

Today's Overview:

The clover card depicts the symbol of a three leaf clover, four leaf clover, or sometimes an entire patch of clover.We’re used to seeing the symbolism of clover in our society, so it should be no surprise to you that this symbol stands for luck.

Examples of this symbol can be seen everywhere in modern society, including Good Luck Bear, the Care Bear cartoon character that is a bear with a green four leaf clover on his belly, and just about any St. Patrick’s Day, Luck of the Irish, or Leprechaun illustration. Trefoil is another name for the clover. You can also see the quatrefoil, a four petaled clover, as an ancient symbol has been popping up throughout fashion in such brands as Van Cleef & Arpels, for example. The quatrefoil reached a peak popularity in the Gothic and Renaissance eras, both in design and architecture, but it really began to be seen much earlier, in the earliest of Mayan communities. Even then it was a good luck symbol, of rain to come, and fertile lands.

This clover indicates that you will soon come across a good deal of luck and fortune. It could be referring to luck in a spiritual sense, or it could be referring to the more standard luck definition of physical assets, money, or fame.

The Number 2

The number two can represent two people, like luck in love. It may also be used to indicate the month of February, the day of 2 or 20 or 22, or the time of 2 o’clock or 2:22, more specifically. It is not surprising that 2 is the month that is luckiest for two people in love, which holds the holiday of Valentine’s Day.

Two can mean a pair, and can literally refer to cards and poker, but less literally be addressing the time frame of upcoming luck, or that your riches will double.

Two may also be related to your lucky number. Do you know what your lucky numbers are? In a simple way, most people believe that their lucky numbers will bring them riches through a literal sense, and most likely through gambling. These people may try to play the number on a roulette wheel, buy a lottery ticket with the lucky number, or make a bet on an athlete or race horse wearing the number. However, the lucky numbers divined for you can and should be taken much further. You can use these numbers for your wedding date, grand opening date for your business, even as some form of your new home address.

You can use your lucky number as a number, or can convert the number to a letter- for example, 2 would refer to the letter B. You can make sure to pump only your lucky number of gas, for example, as well, like $22.22, to increase your fortune on the road.

Today's Action Steps:

You should make sure you learn your lucky numbers as soon as possible. Once you learn them and all the variations of them, you should apply them to your real life.

Convert your street name to numbers and compare it with your street address to see if it’s a lucky location for you.

Look at your work address, and other numbers in your life to see which venues in your life are the most fruitful.Mega singing star Taylor Swift is an example of an artist who does this, she uses her lucky number in all forms of her life.She makes sure that her songs, seat numbers, and even travel dates contain it to make sure that everything goes her way— it certainly seems like that plan has worked for her so far! Make your lucky numbers work for you.

With that said though, the greatest victories in life have involved a combination of luck and skill, so make sure you do not depend on luck alone.Continue to take classes, educate yourself, practice, and hone your skills.When your luck comes, you will be ready to make the most of it.


My luck is about to change for the better.I will continue to do everything I can to make my luck work for me. I will not be frivolous with my luck but will use the fortune to get ahead in life and love, and not use my luck for evil. I welcome all the positive luck and fortunes that await me and look forward to this luck changing my life forever. ”Repeat this 2-3 times today.

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