1 Cavalier (6♥)

Today's Overview:

The Cavalier card depicts the symbol of a person wearing a riding hat and coat, and riding a horse. Presumably this person is male, but it is left ambiguous by various different illustrations on the card.

The card symbolizes news, and can bring up visions of days in the past where elaborately dressed riders delivered important news on horseback. Have you ever felt that feeling where you know that something is about to happen? You may not be able to explain why you have that hunch, or intuition, but you are certain that something will be happening soon. In the olden days, where news was delivered via messenger or carrier on horse, people would wait by their windows until they were aware of the approaching gallup on rocks and pavement. Certainly when they heard that noise, they either became excited or dreadful, or rushed to look out the window to see who was coming and what kind of news and tidings they bode.

Keep in mind that this image of someone riding the horse is someone in motion, so the news, like any news being worth mentioning, involves something or someone changing. While it can move forward or backward, generally horses and riders do not run backward, so this change should be positive and optimistic. It may signal a change in career, a pending move, a new baby, or the beginning of a passionate love affair. In a quite literal way, it might mean our legs will walk or run towards the change, or it may be symbolic of us moving in the right direction, quickly.

The Number 1

The number one is so important in our culture. It could have divine reference and be used to depict our Lord or God, depending on what religion we follow. It may symbolize the President, Governor, Mayor, or leader of a country or city. It may be a Principal, teacher, or educator, or some kind of boss. It may symbolize the head of a family, tribe, or community. In sports, number 1 is the very best and the team leader, or player that all other players strive to emulate.

“One” can mean first, or best, or a combination of both. The alpha, the beginning. Surely, someone who is number one either has the ability to see the future, or is smart enough to have an idea that something is about to happen. In this case, number one likely refers to the fact that the news will directly affect the person who is number one in your life, meaning yourself.

It could also mean that the news will revolve around something very important to you. It might signify something that is happening quickly, or prominently in your life.

Typically, the number one signifies one minute, one day, one week, one month, or even one year. It could even be trying to represent the month of January, the date 2021, or the time of 1:00PM.

1 can also be our expression number. Have you ever heard of your expression number? This is a number that is derived from the letters of our full birth name, and reveals the talents, abilities and shortcomings you hold in this lifetime.

Today's Action Steps:

You should do some soul searching using your expression number. Once you’re able to do this, you should think about the news you don't want to hear. With each thing you think of, consider the blessing that this thing has not happened, and will it not to happen.Then, think of the news you’d like to hear. With each item you come up with, repeat it to yourself and urge that news to come.Imagine yourself hearing a rider on horseback delivering the news. Look out the window and visualize them smiling, about to deliver good news to you. Imagine them handing you the news, you reading the news, and then practice what it would be like repeating that news to a friend.Think about the forward steps you need to take in order to move those legs, literally or figuratively, and get that change to happen.

When this news comes, you should act quickly upon it!


I will be receiving good words of an upcoming change.This news will be good and will be something I have been patiently awaiting. I welcome news of a positive change in my life.

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