35 Anchor (9♠)

Today's Overview:

The image of an anchor has long been associated with a sense of stability, which stems from the notion of how it can keep a ship tethered in place, even in rough weather. During the time of Lenormand, the anchor was also seen as an association to reaching one's destination. Ships would come into port and drop anchor before allowing its passengers and crew to go ashore, each one counting themselves lucky to have survived their journey. In modern times, the anchor is often used to represent something, or someone, that we see as our rock, or “anchor”, that keeps us feeling sane and secure, or that acts like our sanctuary from the troubles of life.

When seen in a full reading, it often symbolizes work of some form, either what you do for a living, or what you do for yourself. This again harkens back to the image of a ship coming into port and the amount of work that was needed to unload and prepare for the next voyage. As an individual card, it can represent many aspects, which generally include a sense of stability being gained in work and love, or as a warning that you may want to work towards ridding yourself of excess weight. In a sense of timing, it also means that stability and goals will not be achieved quickly, so the day heralded by the Anchor will often mark the start on the path to a long term goal or career.

In addition to the icon of the Anchor, the number of the card is 35, which in Numerology translates to the Number 8 (3 + 5 = 8). Often called the equalizing, or balancing Number, when it is present, you can be sure that cosmic scales aim to be balanced. In this combination, look for this day to be one where you will either be reaping what you've sewn into the world, or where balance will be struck within your life that creates, or enhances your anchoring point in life. Examples of what to expect for this sort of day include: starting a new relationship, taking your current one to the next level of seriousness, starting a new job, or getting a promotion that results in it being a more permanent position.

Today's Action Steps:

The best way to prepare for what is in store for the day is to take time when you wake up to reflect on what has been troubling you the most and consider solutions that you can enact on your own. It will be important to not only keep your senses and your mind open to possibilities today, but also to trust in karma. You may even want to consider exploring other Numbers that may be Lucky for you on a day such as this one. When it comes to your personal life, today will be a good day to meet someone, especially if they happen to work nearby, or if they work with water in some fashion. As for work, if you work in a part time job, don't be surprised if the chance to go full time arises, also don't be afraid to ask about it either. If it is in your Karmic destiny, all the good you have sewn will come to fruition for you today, but you need to be willing to work for it.

Should the day feel like it is not going well, you should take stock of your actions over the past few weeks and try to identify if you've purposely, or inadvertently caused ill for another. While this does not mean things cannot go your way, it will tell you that like the olden icon of a ship making anchor, you will have a lot of work ahead of you to get things on the right track.. When you think back on possible negative actions, keep any specific Numbers that were involved in mind, especially if they have a correlation to the Number 8.

Summary For Today:

Lesson: Take stock, make sure your Anchor in life is secure and be prepared to see Karma balancing the scales, which is likely to include a bit of extra luck when it comes to the influence of your daily Numbers. Keep up a good work ethic and keep your heart open for new possibilities.


I will strive to put out positivity into the Universe in the same manner that I would wish to receive it.

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