23 Mice (7♣)

Today's Overview:

An ornate cross, golden and set with precious jewels, hangs below the 6 of clubs.

Two mice stand near a bit of grain – a feast for creatures so small! One is engrossed with the grain itself; the other mouse sniffs the air, remembering that good fortune can be reversed by sudden danger.

However you feel about mice, this card is an indication of worry, and of small things that threaten in a way that belies their size. The Mice indicate loss in a number of ways – through ill-placed trust. By changes in fortune that take you from prosperity to want. Through loss of reputation, or something unhealthy that depletes energy and possibility.

The energy of the Mice is that what was is no more. Something has shifted, and in that shift, something has been lost. Think of mice – so small, so seemingly helpless. But over time, they can eat through your electrical wiring, spoil your food supply, bring pestilence and disease. Think of a time that you thought you heard a scuttling behind the wall – what was that? Did you really hear that? A part of you tells you to stop being silly; another part of you is considering all the damage that whatever made that noise might be doing. When the Mice appear, there will be worry.

The energy of the Mice also warns that something you think is of little or no consequence may be about to blindside you. Your trust and belief in your good fortune may have been misplaced.

Don’t despair. Two things are called for when the Mice appear. First: remember that fortune rises and falls. The car breaks down; the stock market takes a plunge. That’s all a part of life and living. Take a breath, and remind yourself that you are resourceful. You can weather whatever ill fortune you encounter today.

Second: you know that worry is always wasted energy. It takes you out of the present moment, and into imagining a worst case scenario – a scenario that is likely much more negative than what will actually transpire. Don’t buy into the negativity. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the possibilities, focus on what you know about the situation, and what you can do to mitigate it. If you are so inclined, today would be a good day to call in magical work – your ability to change your reality at will would come in handy just now.

Further insight comes by looking at the number of this card – 23, which, in Numerology, becomes the Number 5 (2 + 3 = 5). The 5’s tendency to grapple with the unexpected, take risks, and be open to change will serve you well when dealing with the Mice. Take a longer view. You have made mistakes, and learned from all your mistakes, and that means you are wise. You have weathered much in your life – you’ll weather this too.

The 5 does sometimes behave impulsively, and that tendency is one you should resist today. Let the 5 guide you with its confidence and its belief it can handle anything; but take a more balanced view before deciding what action to take in response to the challenges the Mice pose.

Today's Action Steps:

Be on the lookout today for someone who takes your energy, either in overloading you with work, or in just drawing your energy away from you for their own purposes. The 5 gives you the determination to move away from this person, and to take care of yourself.

In love, the mice indicate that someone you care for may not be good for you. Be open to re-evaluating any and all relationships. Today, you may notice something about your career is draining you, or causing you stress; or, you may receive news about your career that is stressful. Let the energies of the 5 help you come to grips with the unexpected, and advise you on how best to recover. The Mice indicate your health is being impacted by stress. Be kind to yourself, and give yourself a chance to unwind with meditation, a long hot bath, or time in nature.

If you receive bad news, look at the bigger picture, and consider carefully all possible outcomes. Don’t be overwhelmed by the worst-case scenario. You know about the presence of the Mice in your life now, and while that may not be fun, the energies of the 5 give you the strength to deal with what you find.

Summary For Today:

Though this card is one that suggests this day won’t be the best for you, the Mice are part of the ebb and flow of your life. They help you realize what is not good for you. They help you see that what you thought was good and reliable, was not. Better to know that the Mice are at work, gnawing away at the wiring – now that you know, you can address the problem. And move on.


I have the ability to restore and heal myself at all times.

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