26 Book (10♦)

Today's Overview:

A closed book, bookmarked, waits on a table. What will you find if you open its covers? Knowledge related to what you seek? Hidden knowledge of something someone is keeping from you? Or insight into a secret you are keeping on yourself?

This image represents hidden knowledge – hidden, but accessible, if only you open the cover of the book. Its traditional meaning is knowledge revealed. In its simplest form, in a reading, this card would suggest knowledge conveyed to one who wishes to know – knowledge of mathematics, or history, or science, as you found in the books you opened when you were in school. It may speak to a desire or a need to continue your education.

On a more complex level, the Book may represent knowledge that is not so easily obtained. It may be that someone is keeping information from you. Ask yourself: who in my life is keeping a secret from me? Pay attention to the answer that comes to you.

Or, this card may serve as a suggestion, or warning, that you are revealing too much. Have you shared information with someone and, later, though perhaps you shouldn’t have? If so, the Book may be indicating there will be repercussions from that sharing. Do you know something about which your instinct tells you: stay quiet? If so, the Book could be urging you to keep that information to yourself.

Further insight comes by looking at the number of this card – 26, which, in Numerology, becomes the Number 8 (2 + 6 = 8).

The energy of the 8 is one of continuation and balancing. Think of a snowball you form with your hands – it is out of shape, but if you begin to roll it in the snow, as it moves and gains momentum, it becomes uniformly round, and larger. The Book is likely returning you to an old issue – old secrets, your own secrets or someone else’s. The card appearing now, and the meaning of the 8, suggests that today, an old secret is coming into play in your life, likely touching on the area of business, power, influence or wealth (the realm of the number 8).

Examples of what you might watch for and expect: a family member you never knew well comes into your life, either bringing money, or asking for money; another’s power is affected when you reveal something you know; your goals in your work are supported when someone gives you information you didn’t previously have; a secret told gives you power, or gives someone power over you; you realize someone you know does not keep your secrets in confidence, and you consider carefully whether you should share information with them.

Today's Action Steps:

You have already taken positive action, by looking at today’s card, considering what place it might have in your day, and opening to its insights. As your day unfolds, continue to let its areas of influence be a lens through which you see your day and the people in it: focus on knowledge, secrets, a willingness to know, the power of knowledge, and the impact of knowledge on your business and finances.

As the landscape of this card is what is hidden and what is secret, you may want to seek further insight into its purpose for you this day here. In your personal life, be sensitive to things people tell you that you didn't know before; and be cautious in sharing your information with others. At work, something is afoot – listen to overheard hints and innuendoes for insight into what’s in store.

Finally, notice where additional knowledge would further your career, your finances, or your influence, and consider taking steps to gain that knowledge and expertise. Good advice may come from someone who is a mentor or teacher.

Summary For Today:

Lesson: Be sensitive to the appearance of the themes of knowledge and knowing. If the topic of secrets – your own or someone else’s – comes up, tread cautiously, as there is much to be gained, and the danger of something being lost. Notice if your intuition is nudging you, and if it is, ask: “What should I be seeing that I’m not? What am I revealing that I should not?” Watch for times during your day when the number 8 manifests, and consider something hidden may be in play.

Whatever happens, consider that the immediate impact may be clear; but the energy of the Number 8 suggests you take a step back and look at what is unfolding in terms of the larger picture. What is happening may be functioning to bring balance to something that has been unfolding for a long time. Most of all – breathe, and trust. Your world, your environment are being brought into balance, and, ultimately, you will benefit from that balancing.


I use knowledge well to improve my finances, my influence and my career.

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