34 Fish (K♦)

Today's Overview:

Two fish lie on a grassy bank, under the playing card of the King of Diamonds. Their markings are beautiful – patterns of red, with charcoal and cream-colored scales.

The Fish card invites you to become one with the flow. Like a graceful school of fish – knowing, without even trying, which way to turn, to swim. This is a card of ease, of succeeding without even trying. And in accordance with the Fish’s mythical and spiritual meaning, it is a card of abundance and happiness. In relationships, it indicates harmony. In finances, it indicates windfall. Most of all, the Fish card indicates matters of business, as indicated by the King of Diamonds – not large, impersonal corporations, but business that is close and personal to you. It represents profit – sometimes traditional, monetary profit, but more widely, profit in the areas of personal satisfaction, education or relationships.

This card indicates the energies today will be open and supportive. It may be that something you expected to struggle with unfolds easily, and in a way that favours you. What does abundance mean to you? Today brings you an opportunity to celebrate abundance in a way that opens to you so easily and naturally, you’ll be swimming in the waters of abundance before you even notice.

Further insight comes by looking at the number of this card – 34, which, in Numerology, becomes the Number 7 (3 + 4 = 7)

The spiritual nature of the 7 invites you to consider the true abundance of the Fish. Financial, yes – but monies that aren’t just for the sake of wealth. If a financial windfall comes into your life today, how can you use it to explore deeper meaning in your life? Depending on the numbers associated with your birthday, you might use the abundance that crosses your path today to deepen a relationship by taking a trip together, or to further your interest in education or art.

The 7 associated with the Fish asks us to move beyond a search for personal gain as our approach to abundance, and to consider, instead, how the abundance that comes to us can be used in a way that lets us bring abundance to the world. Did you make a profitable business connection today that might also partner with you to benefit a charitable organization? How might you share the happiness the Fish brings you today with those in need?

Today's Action Steps:

The Fish carries few warnings – rather, it asks that you bask in the ease of its gifts to you today, in a way that brings happiness to those born under the number you were born. The only precaution would be to remember that this abundance is meant to enrich your days and weeks to come, so don’t let the joy and ease of its coming make you spend it all in one place! And don’t let the free-spirited approach of the 7 keep you from fully capitalizing on the Fish’s gift. Keep an eye out for someone associated with water who brings you opportunities today. Appreciate the Fish’s generous spirit by celebrating what it brings into your life.

Summary For Today:

Go with the flow! Whatever abundance means to you, today will hold welcome opportunities to experience it.


I am creative at finding ways to reach my goal.

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