30 Lily (K♠)

Today's Overview:

Beautiful lilies, in full bloom and with buds waiting to bloom, gracefully adorn this card, beneath a King of Spades. The King is mature, thoughtful and reserved. The lilies, too, have reached their full potential.

The Lily card carries the energy of maturity – of a long life and much experience, and the gifts that experience brings. It is a more masculine card, and can indicate a man over 30, or a father or father figure – masculine, but with a self-assured masculinity that carries a strong sense of nurturance.

To get a feel for it, imagine the perfect fatherly King. Someone who knows how to care for his people – to be sure they are fed, to hear their concerns and make wise decisions. Someone who was ambitious and impatient in youth – but at this stage of life, wants to use all he knows to rule well and lovingly, and have time left to play with the grandchildren.Such a man is a wonderful counselor, and indeed, this card indicates you would be wise to seek the counsel of someone older and wiser. If you yourself are older, the Lily serves as an affirmation that you have lived well, learned from your mistakes, and have reached a place of peace and fulfillment, if you choose that.

What does the Lily card mean to you today? In romance, this card can suggest a late-life romance, if you are older; or, if you are younger, either a relationship with someone older, or the possibility that your father or someone else you care about is entering into a romantic relationship. In career, this is the card of the mentor, and is a sign that an older person has good advice and counsel to give you. It can also indicate you have matured in the work that you do, and are looked to as an authority.

In health, it can refer to the illnesses that we confront as we age – that either you or someone important in your life is confronting.

And it may be an urging, today, that you take a more mature view of things, and bring patience and calm to a stressful situation. This card reminds us – life is too short to waste it on things that don’t really matter. What really matters to you? Those things would be good things to focus on today.

It is a blessing to have the energies of this card in your life, and in your day today, so additional insight can be gained by thinking of what this card offers in terms of your lucky number. We can also understand this card by looking at it numerologically. It carries the energies of the 3 (30 3 + 0 = 3). The 3, in its younger years, can be charming, handsome, humorous, sociable – and a bit vain, flighty and shallow. But the Lily represents the full flowering of the 3: creative, well-rounded, and having learned, by experience, the value of discipline. All the numbers have their good points and less appealing points; the Lily represents the 3 at its best, a calm individual who values peace, and who has learned that material things, and adoration, don’t matter; love and friendship are what bring true happiness.

Today's Action Steps:

Seek the wisdom of an older man, or just give yourself the gift of spending time with someone older and wiser. Consider that you may serve that role for others, as someone who has learned from experience, and maintains an aura of patience and calm. If you have a tendency to cut up and be a bit immature, today is not the day for that kind of behavior. It’s not all seriousness and dullness – but it is about appreciating the more quiet gifts in life. Use your senses today, to come into the present moment and appreciate what’s there for you. Today would be a good day to research your family history, either on your own, or by listening to the stories an older family member has to tell. This card carries an energy that is slower – more patient.

Above all, slow down today – and appreciate the Lilies. Seek further insight by looking at your lucky number, and seeing what mature qualities it suggests. Today you might call to mind an older relative, and see if you can bring into your day some of the qualities about that person that you admire.

Summary For Today:

Today offers an opportunity to experience life as someone would who has lived a rich life, full of experiences, and now appreciates the things love and friendship bring. Value your friends and loved ones today – their uniqueness, their stories. Don’t waste time on regret – every mistake you’ve made, you learned from, and that’s what makes you wise.


Life is rich – today, I allow the Universe to love me.

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