14 Fox (9♣)

Today's Overview:

A fox is scampering home, dinner in its mouth. It’s likely a nest of kits is nearby, waiting for dinner, and the vixen is bringing the food home.

The Fox is all business. Much is at stake, and there’s no time to be lighthearted or to act unwisely. Focus, hard work, and responsibility are needed, and if necessary, a bit of trickery and deception may be called for. It’s a hard world – the Fox knows that, and does what she needs to look out for herself, and her young.

The appearance of this card means all those fox-like traits are in the air today. The question is – are you the Fox, or is the Fox someone you’ll encounter today? It’s likely that today will offer both.

What does this card mean for you? If you are the Fox, this card indicates you should keep your nose to the grindstone today. Hard work will pay off. A lot is riding on what you choose to put your attention on today, so be mindful of what’s needed, and what will have the most impact.

It also suggests that you put yourself and your interests first today – as long as you do so ethically, and take a long view. Center in who you are today, what’s important to you, and what you most need. If you generally put others first, really focus on your own needs today. If you tend to be a bit selfish, watch out for a tendency to play the system and break the rules – you may or may not be clever enough to get away with it. A good approach is to make choices that serve you in the long term, rather than the short term.

If the Fox is manifesting as someone in your life, this card suggests a fox-like person will come into your life today. Perhaps you can think of your friends, lovers and co-workers, and identify the most likely fox. The Fox can be a great ally – clever, and very good at intuiting what is coming around the next corner. Just keep in mind that, ultimately, the Fox looks out for herself or himself. If your agenda aligns with theirs, great. If not, they can be very clever at disguising their true purpose – so you might be on the lookout, and take any offer of friendship or support with a bit of caution.

When this card appears, it can also mean that people – or you yourself – may behave in uncharacteristically fox-like ways. You may find your intuition is sharp, today. You, or others, may be particularly insightful. And a word of warning – the influence of the Fox could mean that you or others are more tempted to behave in unethical ways, such as lying or thievery.

The Fox is generally lucky, so to discover what it means if you are the Fox, or if the Fox is some lucky person you will encounter, look to your lucky number. It will give you an idea of what challenges or opportunities are there for you today. Additional insight can be had by looking at this card in terms of numerology. The Fox is a 5 (14 = 1 + 4 = 5). The 5 is flexible, likeable, and a great communicator. You’ll find 5 energies in entertainers and salesmen. The 5’s flexibility can mean they are easy to work with – or it can mean they waffle a little too easily, and can’t see a commitment through unless it serves them.

The Five is always in motion – quick and agile, like a Fox. That means Fox energy is there for you today, if you need a bit of extra energy to get your business done. It can also mean someone in your life will be moving very fast today, and you may have to scramble to keep up. Just make sure that where the Fox is going is where you want to go, too.

Today's Action Steps:

Ride the energies of this card by using it to get down to business and get things done. Listen to your intuition today – it will be particularly informative and insightful. Partner with those who are clever and sharp, but remember – as charming as they seem, in the end, they’ll be looking out for themselves, so make sure your agenda and their agenda match up. If your instinct tells you you’re missing something, you might look to your lucky number for direction. Be careful today that you, or others, remain ethical – the Fox can be very clever at seeing ways to work the system and get around limitations, and sometimes its urge to advance can tempt you to do things you might regret later. Leave socializing and play for another day, as today will offer you opportunities to succeed at work, more so than at socialization or romance.

Summary For Today:

Fox is strong, clever and focused – and very good at advancing her own agenda. Take her advice and look out for yourself, and your future, today.


I succeed by seeing beyond the obvious.

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