25 Ring (A♣)

Today's Overview:

An ornate gold ring with a single red stone rests under the image for the Ace of clubs. It’s almost as though the ring is waiting for the finger it has adorned before, and will adorn again.

The Ring is a symbol of circling, and never ending. It deals with patterns that repeat in your life, both patterns that serve you (contracts, continuing employment, family and relationships that support you), and patterns that do not (addiction, dangerous behaviour, family and relationships that drain or oppose you).

It also relates to agreements that will govern patterns going forward, such as contracts, engagements, marriages, business deals, partnerships.

It can indicate that something is coming to completion. And it can presage that something that once was is coming around again – an old friendship, an obligation promised long ago and forgotten, an issue that seemed to have run its course but is somehow in play again.

What does the Ring mean for you? Something ongoing – something you recognize as familiar - will be front and center for you today. If you find yourself thinking, “Ah! Yes, I know that well” (or maybe, “all too well”), pay attention: this situation, contract, person or commitment is the focus for the day.Further insight comes by looking at the number of this card – 25, which, in Numerology, becomes the Number 7 (2 + 5 = 7)

The energy of Seven very much fits with the beautiful but cold golden Ring. Seven brings a focus on what isn’t easily seen, what needs to be looked at more deeply, and the Ring’s relationship with Seven may play out as lucky or unlucky. The Ring represents things that will have a long-term impact. The issues it represents deserve your careful attention, whether positive or negative. The Ring can suggest it’s time for a pattern to end, and Seven energy – analytical, more of the head than the heart – can help with that. If you tend to struggle with separating what your heart tells you from what your head says is wise, you might seek additional insight here.

Today's Action Steps:

As your day unfolds, watch for what repeats in your life, whether it’s the route you always take to work, or a habit or addiction that you’ve ignored for too long. Watch for that strong feeling of recognition – “Oh, this again!” – and ask if you need to tread carefully, look more deeply, take action to move to the next step, or take action to break from the circle of repetition. Let the Ring be your ally. It is beautiful, symmetrical – make choices that support things running smoothly, and all will be well.

Summary For Today:

The Ring is one of the cards that can be positive or negative – it is not about good or bad, but about pattern, and how pattern plays out in your life. With such cards, their impact is more about how you handle what they bring than it is about good fortune or ill fortune. So put the ring on your finger! Commit to being open and trusting to whatever it is bringing you.


I easily recognize that which serves me, and that which does not.

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