Today in Love Tarot Knight of Pentacles - A Dark Stranger

The Knight of Pentacles carries a twelve of three energy:

Twelve isn’t really significant in numerology, but three most definitely is! If you’re hitched you may want to make sure that you’re either ready to have a baby, or taking all the precautions you can to prevent a pregnancy. Three is the number for family and that dark stranger the Knight of Pentacles promises might just end up being a little bundle of joy.

If you’re single you are very likely to meet your knight in shining armour in the near future. In fact, you may have already met them. In this case the “dark stranger” could be reffering to someone you already know that’s been hiding their true feelings for you. Either way, if you keep your eyes peeled there’s bound to be a new relationship making it’s way into your life.

But generally speaking the Knight of Pentacles has a much deeper message when it comes to relationships. Besides the thre energy that has some connection to the divine energies of the universe, just take a look at the image on the card quick. It loks as though the Knight is holding up the coin to see where it will lead him - a bit like a map. And there’s something that looks very much like holly stuck in the horse’s bridle and on the knight’s helmet.

Traditionally, people who meet under holy are said to fall in love. And the coin shows that this is a very fortunate time to be getting the feelings of love in your life. But everything on the card is standing still. So this isn’t the time to go out and make an effort to fall in love. Now is the time to wait where you are and let love come to you.

Letting things Come to You

It might seem silly to wait around for love to find you if the Knight of Pentacles is saying that a dark stranger is about too show up in your life. But think about it. Do you really want to go chasing after a knight? Does the princess ever go chasing after the knight? It doesn’t mean that you’re a damsel in distress that needs saving. But it does mean that you’re better of waiting right where you are, because your knight in shining armor will find you.

Think of the red bridle and saddle the horse is wearing as the red string that connects people who are destined to meet. You will find happiness and contentment, or at least happiness and contentment are on their way to you right now. Even if you’re in a relationship the coming days and weeks could reveal exactly what the message is from the knight.

Maybe you’re already in the relationship of your dreams and you just need a little reminder of how lucky you are. Maybe the relationship you’re in is holding you back from true love. Maybe you’re meant to stay single for a while to resolve your own trauma. In the end, only you know which maybe counts for you. But you’ll need to listen to your heart to know what the real message is from the Knight of Pentacles.

Love Abounds

One thing is for sure though. You have a real opportunity for an abundant relationship right now. Pentacles might mean money in most cases. But in this case you’re in for more love than you ever thought possible. This knight is a bit of a dark horse though. So you need to make sure that you keep battling your bad relationship habits.

You know, those habits that keep you from having the relationship of your dreams? Yeah, they’re really standing in your way right now… So make sure you disarm all your trauma responses - otherwise you’re going to miss out. If you feel your hackles raising, take a deep breath and assess the situation. Is there really anything to be scared of? Or are you creating drama in your own life?

Use this time to reflect on how your relationships always play out. You can change that pattern right now. But it’s going to take some determination - not effort. In fact, the more effortless you make the process the better. Just allow yourself to be happy in the moment for once. Follow the serene path to abundant love that the Knight of Pentacles is leading you down. You may have quite a journey ahead of you as you rediscover what love really means to you. But it’s a journey worth taking.