Today in Love Tarot Two of Wands - There’s Nothing You Can’t Have

The Two of Wands is a great omen for relationships:

Two cards are about building relationships. At the moment you have a wonderful opportunity to create the relationship you’ve always wanted. Take a look at the card above. The man on the card is a voyager. He’s holding a globe and looking out over the ocean. A lot of people would interpret this as going on some kind of voyage, but today it’s geared more towards exploring the landscapes of love.

You have a world of love and joy to give. The problem is that you don’t always trust your own feelings and intuition when it comes to relationships. You tend to think that you need to be a certain way for things to work out well. But the truth is, the more honest and open you are about what you’re feeling, the better your life will be.

For example, you might feel ready to take the next step in your relationship, and explore the idea of living together or starting a new family - but you may alos be afraid to bring it up in conversation with your partner. Maybe they’ve said something in the past that makes you think that they aren’t ready to take the next step. But how do you know they still feel the same?

Honesty is the Best Policy

That old saying is truer than ever for you right now. You might be scared to bring up your biggest relationship desires. But the truth is, you need to start telling your significant other what’s going on in your head and your heart. Relationships fail because people don’t communicate their feelings openly and honestly. The more honest you are about what you’re feeling and what you need the better your relationships will be in the long run.

On the other hand, the more you try to cover up and change for the person in your life, the more you’ll start to resent them. Sure, compromise is a part of every relationship. But true compromise can only happen when everyone is on the same page. When you decide not to talk about your real feelings all you’re doing is creating tension inside yourself. That means you’re compromising your own happiness. And if your partner doesn’t know what’s going on, so they have no idea why you’re suddenly so moody. That’s a recipe for disaster right there!

But if you honestly say how you’re feeling and what’s bothering you - without the expectation that your partner HAS to make you feel better - or even agree with your feelings - they will at least know why you’re acting the way you’re acting. You might be a pro at hiding your feelings. But even if you’re a pro, you’re still going to act in a way that lets your partner know something is wrong. You can blame a bunch of other things too. But until you’re honest about what’s bothering you your relationship is going to suffer.

Just a Little Uncomfortable

Talking about your deepest fears and desires can be extremely difficult. Everyone feels uncomfortable when they bare their soul to someone else. But the truth is that you have a choice. All two cards present us with two options to follow. Either you’re going to have that one uncomfortable conversation right now - or your relationship is going to keep suffering until you spill the beans.

If you aren’t in a relationship you may need to be honest with yourself right now. What is it that’s holding you back from connecting with someone in a meaningful way? What is it that you need to work on in order to feel more connected to another person? If you’re in a relationship you already know what you need to do - have a talk with your partner.

In both cases make sure you’re completely honest with yourself about what you really want from life. It doesn’t help trying to sugar coat things. The Two of Wands has an insane ability to take you exactly where you want to be. But to reach those relationship goals you’re going to have to be honest and open about what you want and need at this stage in your life.

Maybe you want to spend time away on a vacation to clear your head and make sure that you have your own priorities straight. Maybe you want to broach the subject of getting married and starting a family. Maybe you don’t want to go ahead and move into that new house quite yet… Whatever it is that you’re holding back right now, let it into the open. A healthy discussion about what you feel is the best way to create a loving relationship - even if that means having the discussion with yourself.