Today in Love Tarot Queen of Cups - Let Life Flow

The Queen of Cups has an important karmic lesson for your relationships today:

The Queen of Cups is all about learning to go with the flow of life. The more you resist change in your life and your relationship the more difficult it’s going to get. Imagine your relationship is like a little boat on the river of life. You and your partner each have an oar. Together you have to decide where you’re heading and work together to get there. Right now you and your partner are probably not seeing eye to eye. Or maybe you don’t even have a partner to paddle with.

In either case the Queen of Cups is definitely saying that you need to learn to go with the flow just a little bit more. The more you can work with the currents of life - instead of against them - the easier things are going to be for you right now. The Queen of Cups wants your cup to flow over - so to speak. But you are going to have to accept things as they are before your life and your relationship starts getting better.

You need to learn to allow life to flow around you. You aren’t going to get anywhere if you keep working against the energies the universe is sending your way. The biggest thing you need to do is learn to trust that the universe only wants what’s best for you. You might thin you’re under a lot of stress, but in reality that stress is all in your head. In reality the universe is conspiring to make life great for you - and that includes giving you the relationship you always wanted.

Trust in the Good

Right now life may feel chaotic. It might feel like you’ll never have that perfect relationship. It might feel like you hae nothing to look forward to - like everything is going wrong nd that there’s nothing you can do to make your love life great again. But things have been good in the past, and they can be good again.

The Queen of Cups is a reminder of that. But as with all Queen cards you do need to clear your karma and really start to trust in the process you’re currently facing. Things might not seem all that great as you’re being pulled in a new direction. But just remember that this too will pass. Things will get better.

It’s a bit cliche, but the sun does come out after every storm. The thing is though - you need to get through the storm before you feel the warmth of the sun again. Right now you might feel like things will never get better, but they will. Whether your current relationship is going through a rough patch or whether you’re sadlt single - this current state you’re in isn’t going to last forever. So, instead of focusing on the negatives of the turmoil you’re currently facing, start looking at the positives. The more you can focus on the things that are working in your favor, the easier it will be to trust that things will be good again.

Seeing the Destination Clearly

When you start to clear away the karma that’s busy clouding your judgement you’ll start to see where the universe actually wants you to end up. But the question is, how do you clear away negative karma? How do you keep your eyes on the future when everything is cloudy and grey right now?

Well the answer is simple, even if it isn’t easy. You need to focus on what you actually want in your life. Do you want a happy and healthy relationship? Then stop focusing on what you don’t like about what’s happening in your life and start focusing on what you actually like. You may need to take a few minutes out of every day to do some visualization and train your mind to stay focused on the good.

But with hard work and dedication you’ll soon start to see how energy flows where your focus goes. The more you can conentrate on what you really want from your love life, the easier it will be to manifest that loving and caring relationship into your life. Whether that means attracting a new partner, or creating a better relationship with your current partner will all become clear the more you focus on what it is that you really want in your life. The choice is yours. So don’t let the current turmoil and karma stand in the way of a truly amazing life. You deserve to be happy and feel loved.