Today in Love Tarot Ten of Cups - Happiness is where You are

The Ten of Cups has shown up today to remind you that there is no miracle finnish line to cross for you to be happy.

If you’re not happy right now the chances are that you’ll never be happy. Lots of people think that if they just had the perfect relationship, the perfect job, or owned their own house that they’ll magically be happy. But the truth is that happiness is an inside job. So, whether you’re in the relationship of your dreams with a family and a home - or not - has no real effect on your levels of happiness.

Instead, what does have an effect on your happiness is what you think about the circumstances you find yourself in right now. The Ten of Cups is about realizing that no matter where you are in your life - or how far away that seems from the dream you have for your life - you are exactly where you need to be to be happy.

It might be a tough pill to swallow, but your circumstances don’t have as much bearing over your happiness as you think. Sure, being somewhere you don’t want to be does have some effect on your happiness, but that’s only temporary. The more you fight the reality of where you are in life - the worse your life is going to feel. And the exact same thing counts when it comes to your relationships. Whether you’re hitched or not shouldn’t affect how happy you feel right now. In fact, if you aren’t hitched and you decide to be happy about it you’re probably going to end up attracting the partner of a life-time.

Life is just like that

Nobody really knows why, but the happier we decide to be, the better life gets. So if you’re stuck in a terrible relationship - or just going through a rough patch in an otherwise okay relationship - it’s time to have a good lok at exactly why you aren’t happy. Because the truth is, your happiness is going to depend entirely n the next steps you take.

Ten has a renewing energy. You have a chance to change things for the better now and have the relationship and life of your dreams - but that’s going to require some action on your part. And that action is going to start off with a change in your mindset. Remember, our thoughts are the things that determine our feelings and our actions. So the worse you think your life is - the worse it’s going to feel. And the worse it feels, the more you’re going to act in a way that just makes life worse. It’s a viscious circle.

But the Ten of Cups is giving you a glimpse into the future today - and an opportunity to change the way you think about where you are right now. Sure, things might not be perfect. Sure, you might be strugglng with some really big issues. Sure, the future might not look bright and shiny. But there are little things you can do to make life great for yourself and your love life.

Love Yourself

The bbiggest thing you can do for yourself right now is to love yourself. You can choose to accept that neither you r your life is perfect - and still love yourself every second of every day. Loving yourself means setting healthy boundaries. It means talking about the difficult things so those nasty patterns that keep you disconnected can stop. It means caring about yourself in the deepest way possible - with loving self-talk and compassion for getting through the difficult days.

You don’t have to suddenly go out and create the perfect life for yourself. Quite the opposite. The Ten of Cups is saying that you have everything you need to be happy and fulfilled - to have a loving relationship and life. All you eed to do is be true to your own self. Hiding behind excuses is not going to fix your problems. It’s just going to make them worse. So instead of avoiding the tough situations - face your fears and speak up about how you feel.

Maybe your partner is hurting you in some way, but they don’t even realize that they’re hurting you because you never speak up about your discomfort. Maybe you’re lshing out at your partner because you’re unhappy - but in reality they aren’t doing anything to sabotage your relationship, you’re just anhappy with your life in general.

Being grateful for what you do have is the first step to fixing a life you aren’t happy with. The second step is to start taking action every day to create a better life for yourself. That includes putting work into your relationships - with yourself and your partner.

The Ten of Cups is etting you know that you deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your love life - but to be happy you’re going to have to put in the work and get through any and all of the setbacks you’re facing. Of course the transformation won’t happen over-night, but you can start making huge progress right now if you put your mind to it. So start thinking better thoughts about yourself and your abilities to fix the things you think are wrong in your life and soon you’ll start seeing a huge improvement.