Today in Love Tarot Queen of Wands - Blessings in Disguise

The Queen of Wands has a thirteen energy in numerology:

All Queens require you to work on your karma. The number thirteen is a karmic number that means there are a couple of things you need to work on before you can attain true bliss. The Queen of Wands is all about creating a good life for yourself - but in order to do that you need to take care of the black cat in the image first.

While a black cat isn’t necessarily a bad omen, it does point to some unresolved issues in your life - especially your love life. And it’s those issues that are keeping you from having the relationship you really want. You have the opportunity to heal past wounds and create a life of wonder for yourself now. So take the guidance the universe is sending your way and allow yourself to be transformed.

Transforming your Heart

We all go through terrible relationships. Relationships that leave us scarred. The problem is that those scars become patterns in future relationships. And those patterns can wreak havoc with our happiness. So, if you were drawn to the Queen of Wands today it’s a clear sign that your failed relationships are still having a negative effect on your current relationship - or lack of a relationship.

But the good news is that the Queen of Wands can help you transform that pain into compassion. You can learn to love again, and that’s exactly what this queen wants you to do now. There’s nothing worse than going through life with pain and anger in your heart. So let the Queen of Wands help you heal the trauma of your past and allow you to receive the love you deserve.

When we get hurt in relationships we often carry anger and pain around with us. That means that we end up looking for the same kind of partner - or we act in negative ways even if we’re in a relationship with the nicest person in the world. In the end we sabotage our own happiness because we’re scared that the same thing will keep happening to us. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps repeating until we heal the broken parts of ourselves.

It isn’t up to the person we’re with to fix our hearts - it’s up to us. Nobody can change the way you are in a relationship except you. But to do that you need to acknowledge that you’re still hurting from what happened to you in the past. And that can be a very difficult step to take.

Be Honest

The best place to start is to be honest with yourself. You need to tell the truth and allow your emotions to express themselves. Keeping all that pain and trauma in is only going to make more problem for you n the long run. Now is not the time to be an emotionles void. Instead, cry, scream, let all that pent up anger out and allow yourself to feel your emotions.

There’s nothing wrong with letting your emotions show. In fact it’s the first step to heling those broken parts of your heart. You need to acknowledge that you’re hurting before any real healing can begin. So let all that bottled up pain out until there’s no pain left inside. It might help for you to write or talk about it. Of course you should pick someone you trust if you want to share your experiences, but don’t feel pressured to tell anyone. This is about you finding peace for yourself.

Of course, if you’re in a relationship you’ll probably have to let your partner know that you are going through something and that you might need some time and space to sort things out inside yourself. But make sure you don’t push them away. If they want to help, let them know what you need from them. This can be a powerful bonding experience for the two of you if you allow their love to help you through this experience.

The Queen of Wands is giving you this wonderful opportunity to heal your heart and have the relationship of your dreams - so don’t let your fear of being hurt stand in the way of the progress you can make right now. This experience might not be comfortable while you’re going through it, but it is very necessary for you to shed your relationship karma right now so you can embrace a loving and fulfilling relationship in the future. Trust the process. Even if it makes you cry for days. It’s all part of the healing process and soon you’ll be a happier, healthier, more emotionally open version of yourself.