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What are Arcana Cards?

‘Arcana’ is the plural of ‘arcanum’, which is derived from the Latin word ‘arcanus’, meaning ‘secret’. Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck represent life themes and lessons that reflect your worldly and spiritual realities. The use of Major Arcana cards in tarot readings is linked to a desire to be more deeply attuned to the patterning unfolding in life, in the belief that all experiences are meaningful, related and correct.

The Four of Pentacles

Yesterday’s Tarot card of the day

The Four of Pentacles depicts a man on a chair with four coins. One coin rests above his crown, one on his lap, and two beneath his feet. In the background, you can see a city, showing his disconcert with society. He is not affected by the social world around him. 
While the Four of Pentacles isn’t a particularly romantic card, it does have a lot of great advice in love readings. The main message of this card is to keep things insured. A bad romantic relationship can seriously disrupt your home and finances. He urges us to be safe and move slowly in love.

The Importance of Stability
Four of Pentacles has a deeply grounded energy. Anything could be going on in the city behind him– he doesn’t care. His home is stable. Even if things go wrong, he has everything insured. He is stable now and building a future.

Make today a day of grounding. Do not rush anything today. Cancel plans if you need to. Take a day to clean your home and catch up on chores you’ve been putting off. When you meditate, focus on the energy of your root chakra. 

When your root chakra energy becomes unstable, it drives healthy people away. You can ruin a lot of great potential dates and end great relationships by not maintaining energetic stability. 

The Four of Pentacles has a gentle reminder for us. The easiest way to access energetic stability is through material stability. If you feel lost and don't know what to do, start by doing the dishes.

Five of Wands

Today’s Tarot card of the day

The card of the day is the Five of Wands. Whether through conflict or friendly competition, you are going to be challenged soon. This could be a great chance to assert yourself as a leader. Just make sure to keep control of your temper! 
In tarot, Fives tend to mean a clash or struggle is coming. The young men on today’s card are sparring with long sticks. Are they angry, or just enjoying the adrenaline that comes from a fight? It’s hard to tell. But every man is exerting himself, in hopes that he’ll be the winner. Notice how they’re each standing strong, on equal ground to each other despite uneven terrain.

Don’t Lose Your Head
Chaos can be a helpful tool, sometimes, if you’re looking to keep yourself motivated. Just like with any tool, though, you need to be conscious of how it’s being used. Have you ever been tempted to pick a fight because you’re bored? Right now it’s very important to make sure that you’re not arguing for the sake of arguing

Putting your energy into petty things will make it harder to stay focused on your goals. No matter what your main focus is right now, you’ve worked too hard to get where you are. Losing sight of what’s important because of some unnecessary argument will only hurt you. 

Today’s card is also telling you to not take it personally when someone outperforms you. In the past, you may have harbored malicious feelings towards a person who defeated you. Moving forward, you ought to focus more on refining your skills to meet their level 

And you may find an advantage in turning your rival into an ally. That way, you can learn from each other. Treating your rivals politely will reflect well on you and open more doors in the future. Plus, you may find more success working together than you would have independently. Like the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

Nine of Swords

Tomorrow's Tarot card of the day

Have you been losing sleep because of your worries? You’re not alone. Today, the Nine of Swords advises us to regroup and seek out healthy solutions to what worries us. 
Life has many potential sources of anxiety. Maybe there’s a situation at work or in your friend group that’s causing you anxiety. You may be feeling haunted by something that happened a long time ago. Or maybe it’s just your own thoughts that are feeding the worry monster keeping you up at night! Naming what’s bothering you is the first step to finding some peace.

Try, Try Again
First of all, it would be safe to expect rejection or loss when this card appears. Sorry to say, but it looks like something you wanted might not be coming to you. If you were seeking a short answer to a question pressing heavily on your mind, the answer looks like “no.”

As much as it may hurt, you can’t focus too much on the setback. Other opportunities will come, but it will be very hard to see them if you become wrapped up in pain. 

Let’s say you got to the final stages of interviewing for your dream job. At the last second, you find out the company went with someone else. Do you take this to mean you’re not fit to work in your field? As much as the sting of rejection might tempt you to answer “yes,” that won’t help you in the long run. Feel your feelings, but keep moving forward.‍